Bhutan’s new Parliament to elect Speaker tomorrow

The first sitting of Bhutan’s new Parliament is to take place tomorrow during which the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker would formally be elected.

The ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has nominated Jigme Zangpo as the Speaker and Chimmi Dorji as his deputy in the 47-member National Assembly.

The election of the Speaker is to be conducted in accordance with the stipulated procedures which include voting conducted through a secret ballot.

The session will commence with the Secretary General of the National Assembly welcoming the newly-elected members and present the procedure for the election of the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker.

After the election results are declared, the members would reassemble at the Hall of Ku Sung Thukten (Body, mind and speech) and will be ushered in by the Chief Justice of Bhutan.

Oath of Affirmation of Office to members of National Assembly will be administered by the Chief Justice.

The Prime Minister, Speaker, Ministers and the Deputy Speaker will also administer Oath of Affirmation of Secrecy to the members.

The PDP stormed to power last month winning a two-thirds majority, inflicting a stunning defeat on the incumbent Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT), in the second parliamentary elections in the landlocked Himalayan nation nestled between India and China.

PDP bagged 32 seats in the National Assembly as against just two in the previous election.


Article Reference : www.business-standard.com

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